COVID-19 Notice: The use of masks are compulsory in our offices.

COVID-19 Notice: The use of masks are compulsory in our offices.

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Top Men’s Health Tips to Lower Your Cancer Risk in 2024

Men’s Health and Cancer Men’s Health Cancer Prevention Tips 2024. The month of June marks the celebration of Father’s...
world no tobacco day

Kick the Habit: FMCI’s Guide for World No Tobacco Day

Every year, World No Tobacco Day is observed on May 31st to raise awareness about the harmful effects of tobacco use and to...
CANCERcancer in mauritiusCancer in WomenOvarian Cancer

Dispelling the Myths: Understanding Ovarian Cancer in 2024

Ovarian cancer stands as one of the prevalent malignancies affecting women worldwide. Annually, May 8th stands as World...
Labour DayOccupational Cancer

Occupational Cancer Risks: Understanding, Prevention, and Action

In the mosaic of occupational health concerns, one significant piece often overlooked is the potential link between the...
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cancer in mauritiusCancer Research

The Role of Nutrition in Supporting Cancer Treatment

Nutrition Importance in Cancer Care Nutrition plays a pivotal role in our lives, influencing not only overall health but...
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Unlocking the Mystery of Esophageal Cancer: Your Guide to Understanding, Prevention, and Treatment

Picture this: your body’s bustling highway system has a blockage, and it’s called esophageal cancer. This cancer...
Cancer Research

Shedding Light on Rare Cancers: Understanding and Advocating for Rare Diseases Day

In the realm of healthcare, the term “rare diseases” encompasses a vast array of conditions, including rare...
Breast CancerCANCERcancer in mauritiuscancer in menCancer in WomenCancer ResearchWorld Cancer Day

Taking Action: Ways to Get Involved on Cancer Prevention Month

World Cancer Day: Act Now On the 4th of February, the world commemorates World Cancer Day as a global initiative to raise...
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CANCERcancer in mauritiuscancer in menCancer in WomenCancer ResearchHealth equality

Essential Habits for Staying Healthy in 2024

Healthy Habits To Adopt In 2024 The New year often brings with its slew of new resolutions and a desire to adopt new healthy...