COVID-19 Notice: The use of masks are compulsory in our offices.

COVID-19 Notice: The use of masks are compulsory in our offices.

Falcon Memorial Cancer Institute
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Cancer Awareness

The FMCI provides ongoing information resources regarding cancer patients, and preventive cancer lifestyles, cancer prevention and control.

Treatment funding

The FMCI  comes together to identify needy cancer patients in Mauritius and cancer hospitals’ needs in terms of equipment.

Cancer Facts and Figures

The FMCI makes it a point of honour to support cancer patients and professionals, and to help save lives.

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Who We Are

The Falcon Memorial Cancer Institute (FMCI) is a Non-Profit Organisation eager to contribute to making a difference in the fight against cancer in Mauritius.

FMCI posits promoting human dignity and be cancer’s silver lining for underprivileged cancer patients and their families.

Providing Vital Support on Cancer Research

Providing ongoing information resources 

Supporting all cancer and cancer-related activities




Supporting the Cancer Community

The Falcon Memorial Cancer Institute aims at supporting any individual affected by cancer, whether as a patient, family, or health professional, and to promptly answer the needs of people looking to be informed about cancer-related matters.

Our Commitment in Good Faith

The organisation is dedicated to taking initiatives that unite and support the cancer community, promoting a local response to cancer matters, safeguarding that cancer care, treatment, and control priority be raised in the health and development agenda of Mauritius. 


In that measure, it is understood that membership entails commitment in good faith to the Association’s objectives and interests. As such, committee members have the responsibility of nurturing the growth of the association, along with those objectives.

Created To Help Society

FMCI has been created to help society. It is expected by every member of FMCI that each of their significant decisions, actions, and contributions will make a meaningful difference in order to curb the disease and alleviate its affliction in Mauritius.


What People Say About Our Charity

We continually experiment. We fail quickly and productively. We use data and feedback to guide our course.

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