COVID-19 Notice: The use of masks are compulsory in our offices.

COVID-19 Notice: The use of masks are compulsory in our offices.


Throwback To An Intense Year: FMCI 2021 Retrospective

As we enter the last days of 2021, it is the perfect time to embark on a retrospective to review the year, an exciting and engaging year for the FMCI. The last 12 months have been very busy but filled with incredible moments: we have officially sponsored our first patient for his treatment abroad in December! 2021 has been an unprecedented year. Between its slew of challenges and achievements, our association is more than ever a catalyst for change in the battle against cancer in Mauritius. One thing is certain: the waves of support and donations that we have received from our sponsors and the public, in general, this year have been a real blessing for us. Again, this reminds us that, together, we can achieve great things, and sometimes this means starting by doing small things.

Since the start of our organization in September 2020, we have been working with strategic partners such as oncology specialists to bring about significant improvements in cancer treatment and support for cancer fighters. In the past year, the FMCI has engaged itself in improving the cancer situation in Mauritius by providing medical equipment to treat cancer in hospitals, as well as financing cancer patient treatments and raising awareness about cancer among the population. These long-term objectives are an ongoing process, and every step taken leads us to a victory in this battle. The year 2021 has been a watershed moment for the FMCI, and we are eager to go even further.

Retrospective Of Falcon Cancer Institute (FMCI) Year 2021

2022 is just a couple of days away, but before jumping into the new year’s resolutions, the FMCI wants to reflect on a year full of heart-warming moments. In an effort to continuously communicate with the public and different partners, the FMCI has decided to modernize its communication tactics and launched its website, a valuable resource of information. Thus, in November 2021, our website went live, and we couldn’t be happier! This is a significant step forward in our communication strategy because it will allow us to disseminate information about the FMCI mission as well as cancer awareness through digital platforms. At a time when online events are being prioritized over physical gatherings, the FMCI would like to engage itself in building awareness and providing educational campaigns on cancer through its digital platforms such as its website, but not exclusively. We are also very active on social media and use it to interact with anyone who wants to participate in this battle against cancer. Remember Warren Payton’s words, “we are stronger together than we are alone.”

2021 has also been marked by our first sponsor for the treatment of a cancer patient abroad. What better way to make this a memorable December?! One core mission of the FMCI is to provide financial assistance to cancer patients for treatment, both in Mauritius and abroad, to ensure that they receive the best possible care. We are very proud this year to have given a sponsor to our first patient while also providing him with the hope and moral support he needs to recover from his treatment. This is also a relief for this family as the FMCI has taken full charge of the patient’s treatment; from his ticket to medical care at the hospital and his daily needs while on treatment, the FMCI ensures the best possible life-saving treatment. We are glad to share with you a few words that the patient has addressed to us.

Testimonial from Mr. Luximon

“I want to take the time to express my gratitude to the team of Falcon Memorial Cancer Institute for being part of our donor family and to let you know that I wouldn’t have reached my goal without your generous donation. I honestly don’t say thank you enough. FMCI acted as a Fast, Accurate, Loving, Caring, Outstanding and Noble institution

End Of Year Appreciation Message

With the new year comes new resolutions and new possibilities. For a new beginning in 2022, the FMCI will pursue its mission to support cancer patients and bring a helping hand to improve the cancer situation in Mauritius on a national level. We believe that this new year is another opportunity for the FMCI to help cancer fighters turn their stories into successful and inspiring ones. We strive to bring a significant change in Mauritius’s combat against cancer.

In 2022, the association will continue to:

  • Support all cancer and cancer-related activities, such as raising and investing the
    Association’s funds to assist and ensure the best possible life-saving treatment and
    care for financially needy cancer patients in Mauritius (both locally and
  •  Provide medical equipment for cancer treatment in Mauritius hospitals;
  • Support for cancer research and development in Mauritius pertaining to treatment,
    care, and side-effects;
  • Provide ongoing information resources about cancer patients and cancer-preventive
    lifestyles for prevention and control.
  • Provide emotional support to cancer patients and their relatives;

We are also enthusiastic about organizing a series of events and campaigns on cancer in 2022, which will also take place online through our digital channels, in order to educate the population on what cancer is, what its symptoms are, and its best preventive measures. We want to massively create awareness and provide ongoing, valuable information pertaining to cancer. The FMCI looks forward to working alongside you in the fight against cancer in 2022.