COVID-19 Notice: The use of masks are compulsory in our offices.

COVID-19 Notice: The use of masks are compulsory in our offices.


2023, A year of new perspectives

As we begin a new year, we are eager to start a new chapter in the Falcon Memorial Cancer Institute (FMCI) journey and seize the opportunities that will come our way this year. While we intend to support our current projects, we also aim at developing new projects in 2023 and give the NGO a boost in its efforts to position itself as a pillar in Mauritius’ fight against cancer. For projecting what 2023 holds, let’s quickly look back at what has been accomplished in 2022 and the lessons learned. Our organization had a busy year last year. We are continuing our efforts to propel the association and lend a helping hand to the cancer community, from diverse cancer patient treatment sponsors to the birth and growth of the FMCI branch in the United States. Furthermore, we have contributed to raising cancer awareness by educating the public about what cancer is, its symptoms, treatments, and early detection. To confront the population with the reality of cancer on our island, we presented statistics exposing the cancer situation. This reinforced our beliefs that there is a lack of cancer knowledge among our population in 2022.

We look forward to the new year with optimism. 2023 is for us a year of new perspectives and hopes. As we forge ahead, the organization would like to achieve its diverse objectives whereby our cancer community will be suffering less. While we have our defined set of objectives, we will require time and the help of many stakeholders to succeed. Cancer is a battle that cannot be won without the help of volunteers, sponsors, and medical institutions. The FMCI relies on the population to make a significant difference in Mauritius’ cancer situation. This year, we will continue to support cancer patients and lend a helping hand to improve the national cancer situation in Mauritius. We believe that the new year will provide another opportunity for the FMCI to assist cancer survivors in making their stories successful and inspiring. We strive to make a significant difference in Mauritius’ cancer fight.

Who We Are?

The Falcon Memorial Cancer Institute (FMCI) is a Non-Profit Organization eager to contribute to making a difference in the fight against cancer in Mauritius. FMCI posits promoting human dignity and be cancer’s silver lining for underprivileged cancer patients and their families.

– Providing Vital Support for Cancer Research;
– Providing ongoing information resources;
– Supporting all cancer and cancer-related activities.

FMCI has been created to help society. It is expected by every member of FMCI that each of their significant decisions, actions, and contributions will make a meaningful difference in order to curb the disease and alleviate its affliction in Mauritius. As such, committee members have the responsibility of nurturing the growth of the association, along with those objectives.

Among the planned activities of FMCI to contribute to World Cancer day, running person-to-person exchanges, such as awareness campaigns, workshops, & conferences about cancer, early cancer detection & cancer prevention around the island are on agenda. The Falcon Memorial Cancer Institute will be coming forward with other activities as a drive to call for action.

2023, the association’s objectives

The FMCI has pledged to improve Mauritius’ cancer situation through a series of initiatives aimed at cancer patients, the general public, and the Mauritius health system. This year, we will essentially focus on:

  • Supporting all cancer and cancer-related activities; raising and investing the Association’s funds to assist and ensure the best possible life-saving treatment and care for financially disadvantaged cancer patients in Mauritius (both locally and internationally);
  • Providing medical equipment to Mauritius’ cancer hospitals;
  • Assisting with cancer research and development in Mauritius, including treatment, care, and side effects;
  • Continue to provide cancer patients with information resources and cancer prevention and control, as well as cancer prevention and control;
  • Offer emotional support to cancer patients.

As for our branch in the USA, this year, the association will maintain its efforts to organize retreats, seminars and other significant events that gathers professionals of the medical field. We also rely on your donations both for our branch in Mauritius and in the USA. FMCI’s planned activities for World Cancer Day include person-toperson exchanges such as cancer awareness campaigns, workshops, and conferences, as well as early cancer detection and cancer prevention throughout the island. Other activities will be planned by the Falcon Memorial Cancer Institute as a call to action.