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COVID-19 Notice: The use of masks are compulsory in our offices.


Cancer – Understanding this disease to better fight this battle

Cancer can take away many things, but never hope

On the 4th of February, the world marked “Cancer Day” in an effort to increase awareness of this rapidly spreading disease and encourage people to practice early detection and prevention. The government and NGOs are organizing a variety of events on this day to raise awareness about cancer.

All of these activities are critical, but we need to talk about cancer far more regularly and widely, with everyone from our children to our elderly. A whole nation is concerned about cancer. Unfortunately, a large number of individuals are still ignorant of what cancer actually is, its symptoms, treatment, and risk factors. A wise man said, “Prevention is better than cure.” The knowledge gap is evident, and there is a pressing need to improve the cancer situation. We are the anchors of hope.

Dear Cancer…

It may seem like you have control in my life right now, but you really don’t.

Your presence only makes me stronger, braver, kinder, wiser.

I choose how I think, what I speak and how I love.

You will never be able to touch those things.


The fear of your name no longer haunts my soul because I know that my soul belongs

To me and to God.

You may take your claim on this frail outer shell

But never on my divine spirit that cries out

My soul will run, leap and tower over your attempts

To pull me down in despair.

Those who surround me will fight with me

To let it be known that we will not surrender.

Our hearts and souls are tied together in a lasting bond

That no amount of your impeding growth can break.

You see cancer, you do not own me.

I own myself

And I will survive.”

By Ginger Johnson


What Cancer is not?

Let’s be honest; talking openly about cancer is not as common as talking about your dinner tonight or the weather prediction for this weekend. Is cancer a taboo subject? Or perhaps it’s unthinkable for some people? Well, with the number of cancer cases rising globally, it’s important to break down taboos around this devastating illness and debunk some common misconceptions. Even though misinformation about cancer can be dangerous, it can also lead to unnecessary stress and confusion. Humans are inherently curious beings, and while some may not seem to care about cancer, many are in fact interested in learning more about this fatal illness that continues to cause our loved ones pain. Given that my mother had cancer, am I at risk for developing it? Can I get breast cancer before I’m 30? Can prostate cancer kill me? Is there a cancer risk associated with long-term mobile phone use? If the questions are not answered correctly, your perception of cancer may be fallacious.

Cancer Myths Vs Cancer Facts

Myth 1: I am too young to get breast cancer.

Fact 1: Many women who are under 40 are diagnosed with breast cancer.

The ideal: Regardless of your age, do regular self-checks and report any abnormality that you noticed in your breast and underarm to your doctor.

Myth 2: Breast cancer is a woman thing; men cannot get it.

Fact 2: 1 in 1249 men have a lifetime risk of breast cancer.

The ideal: Though the risk factor is lower as compared to women, men should also conduct regular checks to detect any abnormality at an early stage as they can also get breast cancer.

Myth 3: Alcohol is not linked to breast cancer.

Fact 3: Alcohol use increases the risk of certain cancers.

The ideal: You should consume alcohol reasonably and in parallel do exercises. Remember excessive consumption of alcohol can lead to other health concerns than cancer.

Myth 4: Cancer is always fatal

Fact 4: Cancer is a serious and life-threatening disease. However, if detected early and with the adequate treatment, cancer can be cured.

The ideal: One of the best ways to fight cancer is to practice prevention. Early detection and regular medical check ups should not be ignored.

Myth 5: Cancer is contagious

Fact 5: Cancer is not contagious at all.

The ideal: Hug, kiss your love one who suffers from cancer, the disease cannot be catch from someone else.

Myth 6: Certain food can cause cancer.

Fact 6: Some foods such as junk food, processed meat among others are no known to have a bad effect on our health. However, there are no evidence that certain foods can directly cause cancer.

The ideal: Maintaining a healthy diet and practicing physical exercises are one of the best ways to prevent cancer.


Many more cancer myths continue to be spread in our society, much like the ones stated above. It’s crucial to dispel them in order to close the information gap and ensure that the general public is knowledgeable about cancer. Ask Ngo’s or your healthcare facility if you have questions, or doubts. Cancer Day is another occasion for us to dispel cancer myths and disseminate factual information on cancer. Whatever you may have heard about cancer, always keep in mind that this disease cannot destroy love.

The FMCI objectives are to:

–        Support all cancer and cancer-related activities; raising and investing the Association’s funds to assist and ensure the best possible life-saving treatment and care for financially disadvantaged cancer patients in Mauritius (both locally and internationally);

–        Provide medical equipment to Mauritius’ cancer hospitals;

–        Assist with cancer research and development in Mauritius, including treatment, care, and side effects;

–        Continue to provide cancer patients with information resources and cancer prevention and control, as well as cancer prevention and control;

–        Offer emotional support to cancer patients.