COVID-19 Notice: The use of masks are compulsory in our offices.

COVID-19 Notice: The use of masks are compulsory in our offices.


FMCI’s Fight Against Cancer

Cancer can affect anyone, regardless of age, skin colour, status, or sex. The Falcon Memorial Cancer Institute (FMCI), a cancer association, was recently founded to unite and support cancer patients and their families in Mauritius’ fierce and ongoing battle against cancer. We believe that providing proper care to cancer patients of all types is critical in order to improve their lifestyle and help them win this battle.

The FMCI has pledged to improve Mauritius’ cancer situation through a series of initiatives aimed at cancer patients, the general public, and the Mauritius health system. We must not underestimate the value of cancer education as a preventive measure. As a result, the FMCI will continue to pursue its various goals, including cancer education, cancer treatment funding in Mauritius and abroad, and cancer research and related activities. We are pleased to announce that FMCI USA now accepts online donations.

As of October 2022, 62% of all cancers occurring in Mauritius concern those aged 60 and above, among whom 45.0% of cases are for males and 55.0% for females. 54.8% of cancers in women occur during their productive years, that is, from 15 to 64 years. Finally, 46.2% of cancers in men occur in the age group of 15 to 64 years. In the IAEA’s ‘imPACT Review, a team of international experts recommended strengthening diagnostic facilities at two major hospitals in Mauritius in order to improve the country’s cancer diagnostics services.


The FMCI has been in operation in Mauritius since September 2021, with its headquarters at King George V Avenue, 3rd Floor, Floréal. Members of the association collaborate closely with oncology hospitals to identify and provide effective treatment. To lend a helping hand in this battle against cancer, the Falcon Memorial Cancer Institute (FMCI) seeks to support and assist any person who has been affected by cancer. From patients diagnosed with any type of cancer to their families and surrounding healthcare experts, or the general public, FMCI aims to provide financial support to patients who require treatment both in Mauritius and abroad, as well as funding research based on cancer, purchasing medical equipment to treat cancer in hospitals, and maintaining a strong effort to massively raise awareness about cancer.

The FMCI objectives are to:

– Support all cancer and cancer-related activities; raising and investing the Association’s funds to assist and ensure the best possible life-saving treatment and care for financially disadvantaged cancer patients in Mauritius (both locally and internationally);
– Provide medical equipment to Mauritius’ cancer hospitals;
– Assist with cancer research and development in Mauritius, including treatment, care, and side effects;
– Continue to provide cancer patients with information resources and cancer prevention and control, as well as cancer prevention and control;
– Offer emotional support to cancer patients.


The FMCI is proud to talk about the sponsorship of another cancer patient’s treatment in Mauritius. We are excited to share with you those touching words from the patient:

I would like to thank the association for its financial support. I knew that I had an intervention planned and the foundation took charge of part of the costs. Today, I would like to express to you all my gratitude and gratitude for your generosity.

– Mrs. Anne Marie